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April 08, 2013


Elizabeth Carman

We loved your prebirth memory!! you said: "For my part, I have been telling my parents since I was a very small child that I was hanging out in Heaven one day when I heard a voice call out, "I need a seedling! I need a seedling! There's a nice couple down there, Dave and Marianne, and they're looking to have a baby!" And that's how I came to be their youngest child."

We have interviewed children and adults with pre-birth memory and continue to look for more.

May we refer to your memory in our next book?


Elizabeth Carman

The Odd Broad

Hi Elizabeth...Yes, of course you may! I would love to be included! Can't wait to read your book and check out your site. Thanks :)

elizabeth carman

Thanks so much!! I was just thinking about you in the last hour and I then I came on the internet and found your reply!!

one question: When you said your parents were not creeped out, was that a typo? or were they enlightened parents who understood?

The Odd Broad

Hi Elizabeth, I was making a little joke there, but that's a good question. I'm not sure if it actually made them nervous at the time or if they just thought I was being cute, or if they knew right away there was something to what I was telling them? I'll have to ask them. They're both enlightened people, most likely one of the reasons I chose them! But I wonder what they thought about it back then. I do know my mother has been telling me that story forever, and they've both been supportive to me on my spiritual journey. :)

The Odd Broad

PS: I just asked my dad what he thought when I said I remembered choosing him. He shrugged and said he wasn't "creeped out" whatsoever, and he believed me. And then he said his mother told him he used to talk about being in her womb when he was a child! I never thought to ask him about this, I'm glad your question prompted me to. Good luck to you, Elizabeth! :)

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