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January 24, 2013


Pam G

They are back!!!!!!!!! I got some last week! RUN out and check!


not sure where you live, but i found them in the Midtown Atlanta GA Trader Joe's. They have them all year long. Have them in the oven now.... I was online look for a recipe, and found you. I know exactly what you mean. I have totally gone Rangoon crazy. smh

The Odd Broad

Hallelujah! Thanks Pam!

The Odd Broad

Hi Endeshia, they have them here again in Boston now, too (!!!!) Thank you, TJ's! :D


They're not on Trader Joe's vegetarian items list nor do they have the vegetarian mark on them, but I can't figure out why from the ingredients list...any ideas?

The Odd Broad

Hi Emma! I asked someone at my local TJ's and he verified they are vegetarian but not vegan (they contain honey and cream cheese). I'm not sure why they aren't on the list/don't have the veggie mark, but he confirmed the veg info by calling their internal customer service line. Happy eating! ;)

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