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December 10, 2012



I'm the happy reader that LOVES your Kittie-missing posts as your little doodle of Kittie initially drew me to your blog. As the happy momma of 9-year-old tuxedo cat Rascal and 4-year-old gray chubby tabby Jude, I cuddle and cherish these fuzzy cuties every day. They give me such joy, I never tire of their purry cuteness! I even got my cat-hating boyfriend to love them... Don't be embarassed to miss Kittie! Cats enter our hearts and stay forever... Cheesy I know, but true!

The Odd Broad

Thank you, Lauren! And not cheesy at all...I seriously think of that cat every day! I even wrote her a letter. Hope you are well, happy 2013 to you and your furry babies!!


Happy 2013 to you too Odd Broad! After several months of a hiatus, this happy fellow 34-year-old, Sagittarian in Los Angeles is happy to resume reading your great blog. Now to catch up on Downton Abbey....

the odd broad

Hooray for being 34 year old Sagittarians!! Hey do you ever read the horoscopes by the Astrotwins? They're twin sisters who are Sag's, and I love them! Their monthly horoscopes for Sag are usually spot on for me. http://www.astrostyle.com/

And hooray for Downton. OMG! I heart PBS.

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