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November 15, 2012


Stephanie Sprenger

I have two children. While I do not swear AT them, I refuse to stop swearing. It is my drug of choice. I may explode otherwise.


OMFG! Another SWF thing. I do it all the time. I said dickhead in a conversation twice yesterday - with my mutha! Couldn't see her face but the temperature dropped by a few degrees.

Friends' parents have also commented and refer to me as "foul mouth" or "potty mouth". Uh oh.


I was driving, should have explained thats why I couldn't see her face. And I didn't say it about other drivers.

I was quoting my mother in law if I recall?!

The Odd Broad

Let's face it- dickhead is a really, really good word. (You were playing swear family. I love it! My sister and I do that sometimes with our mother.) The fact that the babies can understand just sort of creeps up on you, though. It's almost like there's a free pass when they're babies, right?! My mouth is so rancid lately, the more I try not to swear, the worse it gets!

The Odd Broad

I love that your MIL says the word dickhead!

The Odd Broad

Valid point you have there! We all have to do whatever works for us. But everyone is on my case about my potty mouth, so I'm really feeling the pressure. I have no swear support! ;)


Sorry to tell you OB, I believe you may have received a PG 13 rating from Lukey ;)

The Odd Broad

Haha! Hubby said the same thing when he read this! Yeah I think I'm probably PG-13!


I have two 18 year olds. One doesn't swear, that I know of, at least not in front of me. But the other emphatically feels that it's ok to talk that way with his friends,(because "it's cool and that's just how we talk to each other") but not to teachers, parents, etc. I don't personally think it's the end of the world (by this point in time, I've learned to choose my battles) but I keep telling him, it will become a habit, and someday you'll let one slip in front of a future employer/girlfriend/child, and it won't look good. But he's convinced he can control it. Hmmmm . . .


Bad Wurd Sayer: This posting was f*%$ing great! We're all guilty of swearing in front of a child at one point or another - not our finest moments, but it happens. You are authentic and real, and as you noted your weren't swearing AT Will.

On a separate note: I started using the word "douchebag" in the last year or so. No idea why. There is something cathartic about screaming "Thanks douchebag!" when someone cuts me off while biking.

Happy Turkey Day!


The Odd Broad

Just picturing you saying the word douche bag while biking around the city is enough to put a big smile on my face!!!

The Odd Broad

I like his rationale, though- selective swearing! :P

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