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April 06, 2012



Beautiful post. I've been reading your blog for years and have enjoyed readying your tales of life with hubby and Kittie and now with sweet William. I consider myself blessed to still have my 8-year-old tuxedo kitty Rascal always by my side, with her chubby 3-year-old gray tabby brother Jude always begging for food. I'm currently madly in love with my boyfriend and have contemplated motherhood...I have to say that this post makes it sound divine.

the odd broad

Oh Lauren, thanks so much for reading! If memory serves me right, you are also a fellow Sagittarius, no? (Don't be creeped out...I retain all things Astrology.) You are already a wonderful mama to your kitty babies and I'm guessing you'll be a fantastic mommy someday, whenever the time is right. And you'll know when! It's magic. xoxo


Really like the blog, appreciate the share!

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Yes indeed, Odd Broad, we are fellow Sagittarians who might actually be around the same age! The parallels are striking, you went to Berklee and I went to UC Berkeley. Tee hee, just a name coincidence.

Ha, ha to the spam above as well...

the odd broad

I love it! Actually, Hubby went to Berklee, but my school (Boston Conservatory, right across the street) shared the Berklee cafeteria (I like to say that's how we met...across the salad bar! tee hee) :)

Yeah. the spam is out of control!! LOL

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Glad i took the time to stop and read this! It is so beautifully written and put my day in perspective. Motherhood has changed my life more than I could have ever imagined! I'd love to meet that beautiful boy of your someday! Thank you for sharing this!

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