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December 09, 2011



Oh my, your Kittie was magnificently beautiful. The sadness is fresh but sweet memories of your gorgeous tuxedo cat will tickle you for life. I have a sweet 8-year-old Tuxedo girl cat named Rascal and a utterly cute 3-year-old boy tabby cat named Jude and they are the apples of my eye. I know you are a new mommy with a sweet son but perhaps someday in the future, you can get another cat to fill the kittie-sized hole in your heart. As for myself, I look forward to motherhood one day but am currently content with my feline brood.

Thanks for sharing how much your cat means to you. Believe me, millions out there feel the same way about their kitties.

the odd broad

Thanks Lauren. Only cat lovers can understand!! And it's such a comfort to know there are people out there who get it! I hope sometime soon I can adopt another cat.

Happy Holidays to you and your kitties! xoxo

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