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November 15, 2010


the odd broad

I just realized...I don't keep frozen berries in my desk, I keep them in the freezer. Preggo brain!



the odd broad

LOL - to mix in with my smoothies. I need the fi-bah!


Oh! I thought you'd gone all granola.


She offered me one too-I rejected. But seeing it now makes me want one!


I love Nutella! I once heard that, worldwide, Nutella is more popular than peanut butter. And I WISH we had a Whole Foods in Lake Charles.

the odd broad

Weenie, I'm not totally granola- just a lil'. ;p

Keel, do not turn this down! Although, you've never really liked chocolate. But still, this tastes like a delicious s'more.

That's a bummer you guys don't have a Whole Foods, Angie! I hope you have a Trader Joe's, maybe?

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