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November 27, 2010



omg, i SO know what you mean! my favorite comment was, "you know, your life is REALLY going to CHANGE!" as if i had never thought of that before. i also had a co-worker tell me, after i found out my baby was breech, that her daughter was breech and "didn't make it". seriously, lady?? you're telling me this now?? of course, it turned out that her daughter was also about 4 months premature - maybe that had something to do with her "not making it?" outrageous. anyway, i personally think you are going to love being a mom! hang in there! :)

the odd broad

Thanks, Anne! You are one person I definitely miss seeing every day, because you always gave me such great advice. And it was never unsolicited, either!

I can't believe someone would tell you that. People just don't think before they speak. About a week ago, three separate co-workers brought up the subject of autism with me. Like, is that really an appropriate thing to be talking to a nervous pregnant woman about? People make me crazy sometimes!

Stacey B

I'm with you sister. I officially vowed off unsolicited advice after I was pregnant with Randy. I felt the same way... that it was some sort of strange hazing. I only tell people the wonderful things.... they are the things I remember and the only things that really matter (ie... the joys of maternity jeans, that being pregnant is a total riot due to all of the things that you just don't expect to happen to your body and the magic I felt every single time Randy did a crazy ninja somersault that moved my whole stomach). Don't listen... just marvel over the perfectness that is your growing little man. You are amazing and your experience will never be like anyone's.

PS.... I can't wait to me this incredible little person. He is going to be totally awesome.

the odd broad

Thanks, Stace. Randy, by the way, is so freaking adorable!!!! Oh my goodness. His pictures make me smile.

And I totally agree. I've actually really enjoyed being pregnant. Everyone is so nice to a pregnant person! LOL! And it's been so warm and fuzzy bonding with the little guy, 24/7. I'm crazy about him already.

I usually just tune out the nonsense. Either way, sooner or later I'm going to go into labor, so why do I need to think about how potentially crazy it's going to be?! People are so wacky!

MISS YOU! xoxo


Funniest thing! I'm telling my mother about this post and she starts telling her preggo stories! And stories about people I don't know!
Anyway I'm obviously not preggo but even I was annoyed!
She totally missed the point. It must be a reflex w/ some women :)

the odd broad

Thank you for being annoyed in my honor! xoxo

People really do love to talk about this subject, it seems. I'm gonna start plugging my ears and shouting LALALALA!!

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