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August 19, 2010



Congratulations to you and hubby! you two are going to be great parents!!! xox

the odd broad

Thank you, Auntie Sue!! xoxo


I am a stranger but I have to say I am very thrilled for you! As the 31-one-year-old momma to a black and white kitty, I have definitely found your blog very entertaining over the years. One day I hope to have a baby, and your blog entry expressed the emotions I am looking forward to feeling!

the odd broad

Thank you, Lauren!! I really do think yesterday was the happiest day of my life, so far. I even woke up in the middle of the night, just smiling and smiling. And then I got weepy. In a happy way, though. I'm such a pile of mush!!

Hope that tuxedo kitty of yours is doing great!! Mine is sitting on my lap right now trying to get me to pat her head while I'm trying to type. ;)


The very same thing happened to me when I had my ultrasound. I knew I was having twins, and thought for sure they were both girls. I was completely shocked when I discovered they were two boys! They are 15 years old now. And I love having boys! BTW, if you think you are weepy now, wait till after he's born. Any little thing will set you off. John Lennon's song Beautiful Boy still gets me choked up.


the odd broad

It's funny- Hubby and I were just talking about that song last night! Love John Lennon!

I think you're right- the next five months (and beyond) are going to be a total weepfest! :)


So happy for you, and congrats to Jenna and her family! :)

the odd broad

Thanks, Lori B!! xoxo

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