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November 19, 2009



I agree-underused. I think it would be hard for Luke to stick up his middle finger right now anyway, so you probably have a few good months left!


hahaha, that post was a riot- I literally laughed out loud when I read "Kenickie from Grease." I can't believe how smart Luke is, such a cutie pie!

the odd broad

Tanya, you wouldn't believe how big he is getting. He's such a funny little guy. Hope you are well!

the odd broad

Good point, Keel- let the finger giving commence!


I could pee thinking about it now. Silly girl.


Hysterical! It would have been even funnier if I was there. We'd only then get beat up.

the odd broad

LOL! You and I are double trouble. We'd totally get beaten. xoxo


i regularly use the middle finger on my way to work - my good nature disappears when i'm behind the wheel!

just the other day i was telling the friend i car share with a fanatastic pasta recipe and half way through i launched into a four letter tirade at another driver - it went "prawns, chilli, $%^& you, mofo-ing £$*$! garlic, oil", waving the middle finger throughout.

the odd broad

Steph you are a woman after my own heart! A true kindred! I love it.

PS: the recipe sounds nice, by the way.

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