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November 25, 2007



I miss and love Drunk Brian!


That story warms the squashed rotten tomato I call a heart!

You gotta love a drunk Brian!


Sah, that night was too funny. I was not fed any food, and therefore became almost as drunk as your hubby...... Last week I ran into Adam Miller @ Will McGowan's house and he reminded me of the time I passed out into him @ the HS reunion....and how he was so happy I was always one of his biggest fans...ouch! That's drunk....nay, I do recall the events near the lotto machine, and the man you call hubby who we lovingly refer to as "that guy who looks JUST like Josh Beckett!"


Poor Hubby. When I attended my boyfriend's Chelmsford High reunion a few years ago I thought it would be a good idea to take tequila shots since I didn't know anyone. By the end of the night (Dennis passed out at 11:30 in our hotel room) I was telling everyone that I too was CHS class of 94! I talked to many people I didn't know and even asked one girl in the elevator (in front of about 10 other people) if she was the girl who now did porn for a living. It was a great night.


Funny story...I think we've all been there and done that during our lifetime...and "Hubby" did feel terrible in the morning (both physically and emotionally!)...you do have to love a drunk Bri-Fri...

The Odd Broad

OK, this was very cathartic. Josh Beckett and I feel much better about everything now. :)

PS- Kathleen, that story is frigging awesome. Though now I'm surprised Dennis didn't try and exact revenge that night at the Lokai!!


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