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September 09, 2007



You should have drawn yourself a shirt with a deep V and lots of cleavage like Giada Delaurentis.


Very informative& Warmie!
Video Jug!!!! That's the website I couldn't remember.
You've brought it back to me!!!

The Odd Broad

Thanks! I just went to that site, I love how they tell you which utensils you'll need and everything! xoxo


The voice is creeping me out, especially when you sing at the end. A little too Marshall Cohen. Kittie's contribution is very riveting however. I've said it once and I'll say it again, she really knows how to work it! :)

The Odd Broad

I'm buying you a black blazer for Christmas, because you're channeling Fran Charnas! You're written off. (Just kidding) :)


As long as that blazer matches my bleached hair and black leggings I'm psyched. :)


Please make sure it has shoulder pads...


You have such a wonderful voice! I want mushroom gravy now!! Send some to Boston!

The Odd Broad

Thanks Kathleen. xoxo

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