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July 05, 2007



I remember the night at the pub vividly...the guy started yelling "how about those Red Sox?" when he found out where we lived...it was fun....

Glossed Over

I almost did that once! When I first moved to NYC and didn't know anyone, I was constantly looking for familiar faces. I went to a free concert downtown and was in the bathroom, washing my hands, when in walked this girl who I KNEW. Literally, my stomach lurched, like, "Hey! It's someone you know! Speak!" But she went into a stall and I couldn't figure out her name, so I left.

The next day I realized she had sat next to me on the lawn at a concert the week before. I didn't talk to her then, either. That summer, I had two other occurrences where I randomly re-encountered total strangers. Weird.


I feel your pain!

I once walked up to this guy and said I know you, why do I know you?
Are you from Boston? and So on.......

It turned out to be Micheal C. Hall from Six Feet Under.
Apparently I embarrssed HIM!!!! What about me ?

The Odd Broad

Ladies, it makes me feel much better to know I'm not the only one!

Two days ago this man came on the bus and I said hello, but had absolutely no idea how I knew him. It turned out to be the guy from the quickie mart, who we see almost every day. For the life of me I couldn't place how I knew him...Hubby had to tell me. (Then he asked if I had taken any anti-histamnes or sinus stuff that day. I hadn't. I need no allergy meds in order to be forgetful!)

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