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August 24, 2010



Black moons? Those look like Whoopie Pies.
Sorry about the mole - good thing you took care of it quickly.

the odd broad

Oh no, she doesn't refer to them as whoopie pies- these are black moons! And just "moons" for short. ;)

Lukey D. loves them. He calls them cake. Made us sing happy birthday to Curious Georgie on Sunday. teehee!


I want some black moons!

the odd broad

Come to Boston!! They're worth the trip, I promise...


Black moons? Never heard them called that. I have heard them called whoopie pies, but back in Pittsburgh, we called them gobs. Love 'em! And I miss Pittsburgh. No one in Lake Charles makes gobs.


the odd broad

I've never heard them called gobs! I'll have to tell my auntie Kim. I'm hoping one of these days she shares that recipe with me!


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