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July 25, 2010




the odd broad

Yeah, my doc's office spreads out the appointments between Nurse/Midwives and Ob/Gyn's...

It looks like I have such a beer gut right now!


It only looks like a beer gut because the rest of you is so skinny! Plus, you have a preggo glow, so people will figure it out!

the odd broad

I hope so, Bubs! Maybe I have to start sticking my belly out more. I was sitting outside on my lunch break today and this woman sits down right next to me and lights up a cigarette. I got up and stuck my gut out to try and shame her. She was probably thinking, why is that girl with the muffin top giving me the stink eye?


I'm still laughing thinking of you and your club sandwich at Victoria's Diner - I turned away to talk with our baby and when I looked up again the sandwich was gone along with the fries and pickle!

the odd broad

Mommy, I'm still thinking about that chicken sandwich...it was delicious! xoxo


Please, do you have a recipe for those chicken pot pies? That pie looks really good!

the odd broad

TR, it's a delicious Nigella Lawson recipe. I'll be sure and post it soon. I'd been dreaming about those pies for nearly a year!

the odd broad

Actually, I just realized I've already posted this recipe on the blog, in June 2009! I'm losing my mind. Below is the link, or look under the category "noshing."



Thank You for sharing that recipe!
I'll see if I have the ingredients to try it out.

Have a Good Day, TR

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