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June 10, 2010



He sounds like a goat.


A fat goat.

the odd broad

Surprisingly, they were not a bad looking couple! The laugh did not match the face.


My Dad once brought home this gadget called a laugh bag to irritate my mom. If you so much as touched it, it would start much like that and get progressively more high pitched and hysterical.

I love the fact that your husband recorded that. It's like a mini-revenge, even if the target doesn't know about it.


I'm really glad you included a sound bite, I was imagining it in my head, but that is worse than I even thought!


The proper mode of recording these folks is with video and sound, and post it on your blog plus YouTube.

That will save uncounted thousands from dealing with them and their spilled stale beer


My sympathies. I have had similar happen (minus the beer) at the Huntington Theatre, where my wife an I are subscribers. Loud, braying laugh right behind us. Different plays. The guy looks harmless enough, but he sounds like a loud, laughing, donkey. Then there's the talkers, the rustlers, the crunchers, and so forth. Anyway, I'll have to listen to that laugh when I get home later, I am sure it's just as annoying as you describe. Much better luck next time. Your husband is a good guy for switching seats with you.


I was at that same show, but fortunately, on the other side of the theater so I didn't hear this. That small clip was seriously really bad -- I can't even imagine what the whole night was like for you.


I worked for awhile at an art gallery; beautiful contemporary art, a gorgeous display space, great location. Unfortunately, the gallery director hired someone who, although a nice person, had two fatal flaws: she talked incessantly, and her laugh was like a sharp psychic dagger. It got so bad, our coworkers began to complain. You could hear her laugh a block away. Every time she laughed, my brain went numb. One day, I just shouted at her: 'Shut up or leave'. I got heat for that, but it opened the floodgates for all my other coworkers. We simply couldn't do our jobs with her in the room. Honestly, I think she had some psych issue, the endless talking, and that laugh!


I think your laugher sat next to me at Billy Connolly's Boston show in May. Was he a foot stomping, knee slapper as well? Unfortunately, he was alone and when, from time to time, he would turn to me to ask "What did he say?" I also got the full benefit of bad denture breath. I really felt bad for the people in front of him!

the odd broad

Okay, I'm feeling much better about the experience now. It's very comforting to have people to commiserate with! Are some people just born with awful laughs??

Pat, I'm thinking my laugher wasn't your guy- this person was probably in his mid-twenties. But I can definitely see him behaving the same way when he's in dentures!

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