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September 10, 2009




the odd broad

I just set up a huge BBQ lunch at work...I thought it would test my will power, but it wasn't as hard as I thought it was going to be. In fact just looking at the meat made me feel a little sick. I'm going out for a veggie burger from B. Good instead! No meat for this broad today!


I'm amazed at your willpower, however, one night out and one bottle of wine later I think we'll see the old Odd Broad. :)
What will you do at Thanksgiving?????

the odd broad

Eeek! Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what I'll do...I just asked Hubby and he suggested, "We'll get there when we get there..."

Sounds like a plan. (He'll be eating turkey, by the way...)


I guess you can just eat side dishes on Thanksgiving...don't expect anything to be organic at our parents' house. Maybe we can get you a tofukey. That sounds nice.

the odd broad

I'll have to come prepared. Unless I want to eat Fiddle Faddle...

the odd broad

OMG - I'll have to see if that soy cream cheese is any good. How else will I eat the celery stuffed with olives and cream cheese!!?? Oh dear.


Tofurky is awesome...it comes stuffed with delightful stuffing and they even have vegan gravy for it. I love it. I've always thought the side dishes at Thanksgiving were the best part anyway :)

the odd broad

I'll have to give tofurkey a try! I haven't been too adventurous with the "meats" yet...but I did try soy nuggets the other day and they tasted good. Baby steps, I guess...

It's hard trying to figure out what the heck to eat though. It would be so much easier to do this if I were eating dairy! Oh well.


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