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May 20, 2007



Please include a pair in your line for an extra wide toe area, where the pinky toe is almost on the side of the foot. That would be really nice.


The drawing is an incredible likeness to your actual foot. Did you trace it? I find them kind of cute....for a duck.


A Duck?!! A duck has webbed feet, people don't have webbed.....oh wait a minute.

The Odd Broad

Sister, there was no tracing involved, that is a freehand toe drawing, if you please.

PS- Am, I never noticed your pinky toe was on the side of your foot?! I will design a pair especially for you.


I have to second sister's comment. I have seen them in person, and that drawing is exact. I can say that as a cousin amused by the separation of your toes with eyeliner!

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